Marloth Park


Marloth Park is a private bush residential community, and comprises a residential section of about 1500 hectares, half of which is permanent bush parkland, plus another 1500 hectares on the southern side being the private Lionspruit game reserve owned by Marloth Park. It’s all native bush, and unfenced (except for the Lionspruit part).

Animals roaming free in the residential section of the park include impala, kudu, wildebeest, zebra, ostrich, giraffe, duiker, warthogs, vervet monkeys, baboons, some leopards, and dozens of native bird species. Lionspruit contains all of the above animals plus buffalo, rhino and lions.

The northern border of Marloth Park is the Crocodile River, which forms the southern boundary of Kruger Park Game Reserve. Thus Marloth Park and Kruger Park are directly physically connected. Almost continuous viewing over the river and into Kruger is available all along the northern boundary of Marloth Park from walking and vehicle trails along the boundary, with several elevated viewing points and a covered lookout providing panoramic views across the river.

Access to Kruger Park is via Crocodile Bridge gate (15 mins), or Malalane gate (25 mins). Several licenced guides operate Kruger Park game drives in open vehicles, servicing all Marloth Park lodges and homes.

Marloth Park has two quality pub/restaurants, two small supermarkets, two bottle shops, two butcheries, two laundries including full laundry service, a fuel station, a delicatessen, a bakery, and several associated small convenience businesses, mainly grouped into two discrete shopping complexes. Massage and beauty service is available.



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  1. Ilse Batten says:

    Now I have learnt something new.

  2. My envy knows no bounds…

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