After Midnight


This is a camera trap.

It’s a movement-activated camera that takes still pictures and movies; conventional images by day and infra-red images by night.

The infra-red flash/spotlight is invisible to animals, so they aren’t even aware they’re on camera.

It’s paparazzi for critters.

And here’s a short nighttime movie showing a large-spotted genet making an after hours visit to Birdsong recently. We’d placed a few nibbles in the tree that overhangs the swimming pool, and set up the camera for a trial run. And the genet obligingly pitched up and took a few unwitting selfies.

The large-spotted genet is a cat (obviously), about half a metre long. So rather bigger than a domestic cat. And very beautifully marked. Nocturnal, and a good tree climber, it generally eats rodents and small mammals.  And it enjoys nibbles by the pool.  It’s a cool cat.

Next on our cam-trap ‘trophy’ list; a leopard. All we need to do is tie a live baby goat to the tree. Just kidding. Maybe a pork chop or two.

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2 Responses to After Midnight

  1. juttamaue says:

    Oooh…can’t wait what else will visit you in the dark of the night. While staying at Lewa House last December, a little genet came into the open dining/living area and while we were eating, it helped itself to the milk waiting for us. I carefully lifted the net of the little pitcher and slurped away. Then it went off into the bush again.
    I like your little film festival Paul. JK is almost finished with his from our last trip and just might enter it into the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. Who knows. He did a bang-up job with his “Blind as a Bat Productions” 😉

  2. Janelle and Woddy says:

    That is the coolest thing EVER! Can’t wait for more.

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