The Afrikaans word for pig is vark, so the lovely/unlovely warthog, or vlakvark, is often referred to simply as a vark (pronounced “fark”).

So we reckon that makes the babies varklets.

_MG_9365as4They’re the cutest little varkers that you can imagine!

_MG_9356 for paulThis mom and her four wee varklets came to visit us last evening, and while mom munched some game pellets by the pool, the kids romped about, tried in vain to eat the game pellets, tumbled all over each other, chased a couple of guinea fowl, and had a great old time being kids.

The mother warthog has four teats, and normally gives birth to a litter of four, each of whom has their own personal teat. If one should perish (it’s a high-risk world for a varklet), the others won’t use the teat of the departed sibling.

_MG_9360s fpThey suckle for four months, but also start to graze at two months. We’re not sure how old these are, perhaps a week or two? But they already know the warthog trick of kneeling to feed.

Now’s the time for baby warthogs, and also the time for baby impala who are also preposterously cute little critters.

There’ll be plenty of ”Agh, Shaaaaame!” moments around our house for the next few weeks.


In other news, our Birdsong Africa Lodge is just a couple of weeks from completion. Look for pictures very soon! In the meantime, here’s a beautiful recent visitor posing against a Birdsong backdrop.


And finally, a rhino beetle. Got the horn and everything.  It looks amazingly like a large slightly kitsch brooch.  Until it moves, of course.

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One Response to Varklets

  1. Janelle and Woddy says:

    What a wondeful time of year. Can’t wait to get there again.

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