On a trip along the Lower Sabie River, during our sister Caz’s recent visit, we saw a pretty graphic event.  A group of four lions killing and eating a warthog.

In real life, with the screams and the blood, it’s not quite like the wildlife documentaries on TV.  It’s the natural circle of life in the bush, but it’s still a most sobering sight, and everybody present was very quiet for some time afterwards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA couple of days later I was talking about it with our friend Cliff, who is a professional guide taking tourists into Kruger in an open safari vehicle.

Cliff said, “Everybody wants to see a lion kill up close.  Until they do.”

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2 Responses to Diabolique

  1. Janelle and Woddy says:

    I imagine that’s very true. It sounds exciting but I think some things are best left unseen.

  2. juttamaue says:

    Very true. The hunt and the feast after is one thing, but the actually killing can bring chills to the spine. It did for me

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