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A Happy Christmas

It’s our first Christmas in the bush.  Bev from Australia is already here, and more family from Durban arriving today.  All’s ready; bells a-jingling. We decided to make a bush Christmas tree, and a Christmas wreath for the front door. … Continue reading

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There’s a warthog under the car.

Remarkable how we are able to so quickly accept as an everyday event something that a few years ago would have seemed impossibly exotic. Recently we made ourselves a natural, organic, low-fat, gluten-free carport, by cleaning and levelling a space … Continue reading

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The Witches of Africa

Legends swirl all about the spotted hyaena.  Human witches in animal form.  Also the reverse; that African witches are actually hyaenas in human form.   Both seem unlikely, but these sinister creatures certainly fit the superstitions and myths that surround them, … Continue reading

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