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Bush Life Confetti

Chopped up little pieces of our life & place in the bush, seen by Les with her iPhone. Individually just wee scraps.  But thrown all together in a handful, it’s a celebration!                      The confetti of … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking Seekoei

We were enjoying a late afternoon drive along a dirt road called Seekoei, which means hippopotamus and runs along the boundary between Marloth Park and Kruger. Regardez-vous the map.  The Crocodile River is the blue twisty thing, with Marloth Park … Continue reading

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Deck the halls

Early morning, a couple of days ago.  The first pale sunlight slants through the bush … And now Les takes up the story: “Is it Christmas already?  This morning every leaf was glistening with dew, delicate spider webs catching the … Continue reading

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It’s dry …

Very dry.  And getting drier every day. The leaves are disappearing from the trees; the bush is thinning out so that we can now see 150 metres or more around our house at ground level, where just six weeks ago … Continue reading

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Wild Dogs

Today we went into Kruger on a mission: to find some wild dogs. It’s an ambitious quest – we’ve met people who’ve been coming to Kruger for years and still have never seen the elusive wild dogs, or Lycaon pictus … Continue reading

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Forty Elephants

Elephants are pretty easy to find around here: we can see some every day, and with minimal effort. But forty elephants?  That’s not your everyday event even here.  Which makes today a day to remember.  We watched this breeding herd … Continue reading

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Words are not enough

You know the saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words”?  Well, most of the time it’s simply not true. The Gettysburg Address has less than a thousand words – actually under 300 words – but there’s no picture that could … Continue reading

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