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Fingerprints, hoofprints and a couple of bucks

Here’s some critters we saw and photographed on a late afternoon drive around Marloth Park yesterday. The stripe pattern on every zebra is unique, just like our fingerprints.  Except it’s recently been disclosed that human fingerprints are not necessarily 100% … Continue reading

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Shopping in the Kruger Aisle

How remarkable to make a quick trip to Komatipoort for groceries and decide on a whim to come back home via Kruger!  5 minutes detour to the Crocodile Bridge gate, then 60km inside Kruger ambling along the Crocodile River road, … Continue reading

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Warthog fight!

Just about 5:00pm today a warthog couple arrived and started hoovering up the birdseed and game pellets.  Nice romantic supper together.  The warthog equivalent of a sundowner. Then a rustle in the grass, and a large bristled back appeared in … Continue reading

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The Life of Birds

Today there was a bird convention in the trees by our balcony.  In about 40 minutes, armed with binoculars and the Roberts Bird Guide, Les spotted the following species: Black-headed Oriole Red-faced Mousebird Glossy Starling Red-billed Hornbill Cardinal Woodpecker Black-collared … Continue reading

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Aloe marlothii

This is the aloe plant named for the German-South African botanist Rudolf Marloth, after whom Marloth Park is also named. Here’s the Wiki link.

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Bouncing duiker

Just about sunrise today this little common duiker was bouncing around in the bush in front of our house.  She was chasing the Guinea fowls around and around the trees, leaping and tumbling, springing wildly sideways (apparently just for the … Continue reading

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Death of a herb garden

Last evening we looked out the kitchen window to see a coven of female kudus gathered in the back yard.  Les scooted out the front door with some buck pellets, only to discover that one was inside our newly planted … Continue reading

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